What to Do After the Movers Leave

May 21, 2014 | | Sticky post

So the house removal company has taken your belongings and brought them to your new home? They have unloaded the boxes and left them in their designated rooms. What do you do next? Do you unpack right away? Do you take some time to take stock of things? What should you really do when the house removal company leaves?

You need an organized plan not only for packing but also for unpacking. You need a plan to get established and start your new life in your new home.

Check every box against your inventory

Now that all the boxes are in the house, you need to check them against your list. This will help you determine if you there are boxes missing. If there is anything missing, you should call the house removal company right away. Inspect each furniture for any signs of damage. If there are any problems, point them out to the company. For any insurance, ask the driver to give you a claim form.

Some damages are evident right away but there are damages which you cannot see easily. If later you discover later that something is not in order, you should file the claim form and give detailed description. If you are not aware of the replacement values, you should do your research.

Settling disputes

If you find yourself in a dispute with your house removal company, you should take note that the moving company should provide neutral solutions to disputes. Research on how you can file for claims. The procedure will differ from one city to another.

Reassembling furniture

One of the most tiresome things you have to do once the moving company leaves is reassemble your furniture and this is a task which will become a little easier if you got help. Get all the pieces of the furniture out of the boxes. Unpacking and reassembling will take some days, depending on the amount of property you own.

One of the tricks in unpacking is to have a box of essentials in every room. You can open these boxes so you can function even though the rest of the house is still in chaos. The box of essentials should contain all the things which you could not live without, such as change of clothes; toilet paper; tissue; toothbrush; toothpaste; towel; soap and others.

Stay focused

Because the entire house is still in disarray, it is quite easy to get distracted.  You must remind yourself to always stay focused. If you plan to unpack and arrange the things for the living room, you should commit to doing it. It is not a good thing to start unpacking the things for the living room only to start unpacking the things for the bedroom. If you do this, what you will get is a house filled with opened boxes and things strewn across the floor.

Give yourself time

You will not be finished unpacking and arranging things overnight so you should not be too hard on yourself. Give yourself a timeframe to finish all the work and stick to your schedule. The last thing you want are things still in boxes, unpacked, a month after moving.

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